Spotting Scams

1000’s of people are getting SCAMMED everyday!! If your a newbie and want to make money working from home chances are you will get scammed too. Trust me, I am speaking from experience, check out my Idiots page to see how much I’ve lost over the years.

That’s why I started this site, to keep YOU from making the same mistakes I made.

A typical scam may start something like this :

Hey John, I just joined ABC Matrix club (fictional), I signed up under a HUGE Marketer and if you join now, you will get a ton of spillover. Its only $50 one time. Chances are you will be so far down in the matrix that you will never get spillover, but in your excitement you tell (2) of your friends and they join too. Within a year, ABC is dead and you and your friends lost $50 each. Your now an official member of the NFL Club (No Friends Left).

There are a few types of online income opportunities (an opportunity to lose money) that are inherent scams and should be AVOIDED completely:

Penny Auctions– You buy bids for $1 that is worth a penny in the auction, if your the last bidder you win the item. If you represent the auction, you need to find a sucker to purchase bids in order to make a commission, if your the consumer you just spent a ton of money on an item you didn’t win. This whole business model is flawed.

Revenue Sharing- Typically, you purchase “Ad Packages” at a cost of $10-$50 each that allows you to earn 110-200% return on your purchases (as long as you visit 10-20 ads on their website daily). So, basically your buying advertising that is being shown to other people who also bought the same advertising. No one cares or even looks at what your offering, they/you are only doing it to try and get a return. This is a ponzi scheme, you will not get paid unless someone else has bought Ad Packs after you, when the Revshare starts to slow down (they all do), people get nervous and stop purchasing and this causes the business to close, if the government doesn’t shut them down 1st.

Scams come in all shapes and styles, if you would like me to checkout a business, mlm, product, etc just leave me a comment and I will look into it for you.