Wealthy Affiliate Review

Why is Wealthy Affiliate on the Recommended business list?

1) Training-   So easy the idiot can do it. Step by step instruction on how to set up a website and turn it into a profitable niche business.

2) People Helping People- The Wealthy Affiliate community is like having 100,000+ personal mentors. Everyone is so friendly and want to see everyone succeed, even the owners are on everyday to help.

3) Results Driven- Members see results and share their success. They post what worked, what they learned, and what you need to do to get similar results.

4) Its Free – There are Free and Premium memberships. Everyone can signup for FREE and stay that way forever if they want to. Just your name and an e-mail address address all it takes, no strings attached.

5) Legit – There is no free lunch, it takes work and dedication to be successful. All the tools, instruction, and advice are there to create a thriving business.

6) Location- This is one of the very few businesses that can be run from anywhere in the world (as long as y0u have internet access). It is perfect for stay at home parents, military families, anyone who wants to earn a living.

7) Residual Income- Obviously, this business is not passive, however, once your website is up and running, you can get sales, optins, adsense income, etc from work you may have put in years ago. In fact, the more aged your domain is the better.


Ok, so now what?

Pick a topic that interests you. It can be anything from a hobby, sport, pets, money, home and garden, etc and get started building a website about it.